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Gedempte Zuiderdokken, Antwerp, Belgium

Shortlisted, International Competition, 2015

Our proposals for the transformation of the Gedempte Zuiderdokken views the space as a new place of exchange. A place to gather, play, relax or simply pass through as a vibrant background to daily life.

Drawing on the historic spatial structures of the Zuiderdokken, we propose a central park as a trace of the historic docks, with more intense, active edges reminiscent of the quaysides. The central park has the monumental scale and ambition to accommodate events of international importance, while two linear parks occupy former quaysides at Vlaamsekaai and Waalsekaai and engage directly with the local community. This stratgey will provide the New Zuiderdokken with a clear identity which matches the quality of any great space of any European city and will be globally recognisable.

In collaboration with SutherlandHusseyHarris

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