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Beach Cafe, Silecroft, UK

Our proposal for Silecroft Beach Cafe takes it inspiration from the landscape and architecture of the Lake District.
Poised on the edge of the beach, the cafe sits like an abstracted rock in the landsape - echoing Black Combe in the way it dramatically sits against the horizon.  It has a rugged, robust  appearance which reflects the underlying geology and responds to its exposed location, creating a powerful relationship between nature and the built environment.

While modern in form and composition the cafe also responds to the local vernacular architecture.  Walls will be constructed from locally sourced slate, laid hoizontally to give a rich and varied texture, while the roof will be clad in zinc to lend the proposal a more contemporary feel.  A stove in the cafe area is contained within a grand slate chimney which roots the cafe to the site and further references local traditions.

Project Images
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