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Wellbeing Centre, Sevenoaks, UK

The new Nature and Wellbeing Centre offers the potential to explore innovative ways of connecting people to nature through the lens of architecture.

The project sits at the threshold between lake, land and sky and is represented by the intersection of three planes - pier, roof and tower. This dynamic composition provides a clear identity for the new centre, yet sits comfortably within the landscape.

Accommodation is arranged as a narrow line cut into the landscape, running parallel to the west lake. This line of accommodation is bisected by a walkway which stretches from car park to lake, ending in a dramatic, cantilevered pier. The narrow, linear arrangement ensures that nature constantly exerts its presence in the interior. Like an elongated hide, continuous horizontal views capture the landscape. 


An observation tower extends upwards creating a high vantage point with more expansive views, as well as acting as a marker at the entrance to the centre.

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