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Mount Ellen, Gartcosh, UK

Situated near Gartcosh, on the outskirts of Glasgow, this development creates sixty-one new houses adjacent to Mount Ellen golf course. The site is arranged around three staggered, interlinked, courtyards with mews leading off each. The resultant urban form is compact, and creates a liveable, sociable neighbourhood which is wholly sustainable.


A range of houseypes - townhouse, semi-detached and detached - are developed with a consistent language to give the proposal a clear identity. Each housetype is arranged around a prefabricated central stair and service core, allowing drainage connections to bathrooms and kitchen, as well as electrical distribution. Either side of this central core is a flexible arrangement of rooms facing either the garden or the street. 

A palette of natural materials, including brick and timber, is employed to give the development a robust and contemporary character.

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