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Crichton Project, Dumfries, UK

Shortlisted, RIAS International Competition, 2022-23

The project provides an incredible opportunity to add to the rich heritage of the Crichton Estate. The designed landscape of the estate contains a collection of buildings which are not only of national importance architecturally, but also represent a way of thinking about care which was both radical and forward thinking. Our approach to the development of the Crichton Centre for Memory and Wellbeing is to build on this legacy of radical thinking.

Our project seeks to transpose the ideas behind the development of the wider Crichton estate into the new architecture of the Centre for Memory and Wellbeing. Rather than a singular building of homogeneous character, we propose a pluralist architecture encompassing a decentralised series of stone ‘villas’ arranged around a lightweight social gathering space. This organisation is clear and simple, efficiently dealing with multiple user groups and activities, entrances, and thermal requirements.

In collaboration with SutherlandHusseyHarris

Project Images
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