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Greenhouse Restaurant, Myvatn, Iceland

Shortlisted, International Competition, 2022

The Greenhouse Restaurant for Vogafjós Farm Resort is a product of the land on which it is sited.  The building acts as a register of the environment in which it is placed, allowing visitors to understand and experience the spectacular surrounding volcanic landscape and ever-changing sky in new ways. It takes the opportunity 
to reveal the qualities of the natural environment and aims to deliver maximum impact through a carefully considered design approach which seeks simplicity and effectiveness.
The hostile exterior environment gives way to a an intimate and productive interior landscape.  A series of terraces step down the terrain creating level platforms for growing a range of produce under the glazed roof. The restaurant sits above the lowest terrace, which accommodates a multi-purpose hall, and provides a rich experience for diners, benefitting from dramatic views in all directions - to Hverfjall, Lake Myvatn, the Nature Baths and into the expanse of the greenhouse.

Project Images
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