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Community House, Myvatn, Iceland

Honourable Mention, International Competition, 2022

Central to our proposal is the adoption of circular economy principles, both in the design and construction of the new Community House and in its operation. In addition to providing facilities to enable the sharing and trading of resources, a series of strategies are proposed which will ensure that the construction and operation of the Community House is a clear demonstration of the principles of a circular economy.

While the principles of a circular economy are well documented (Materials, Design, Production, Consumption and Waste) we have articulated a series of wide-ranging strategies which can be effectively employed in the design and construction of the project.

Key to the project is the reuse, repair, and recycling of materials in the construction of the Community House. Locally available second-hand materials, such as aluminium cladding, timber and glass are recycled and re-assembled to create an architecture which makes a virtue of the necessity of a circular economy.

Project Images
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