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Community Centre, Collieston, UK

Shortlisted, Invited Competition, 2006

Collieston is a unique place, surrounded by spectacular natural land and sea-scapes, and characterised by a settlement pattern which is relatively unchanged  since the late 19th century. Foremost in our approach to the design of the new Community Centre is to respect and to respond positively to the history, beauty, scale and landscape setting of Collieston.  

The building is formed by a series of independent ‘rooms’, connected by a central, double-height, entrance hall. These rooms vary in scale and proportion, in response to their principal uses, but are unified by the character of the proposed solid timber construction.  The clustered form of the building establishes an informal dialogue with the landscape and defines a series of sheltered external courts, gardens and terraces which act as a transition between inside and out.

Project Images
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