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Stepnoy-Zay River Valley Masterplan, Almetyevsk, Russia

Shortlisted, International Competition, 2020

The territory of the Stepnoy Zay River Valley presents an incredible opportunity to create an exemplary model for the sustainable development of the already prosperous city of Almetyevsk. Our proposal presents a vision which is at once distinct and unique to Almetyevsk, yet also economically viable and flexible in its delivery.


It demonstrates how the economy can be diversified, attracting new businesses and industries to the city, helping to retain residents and attract new ones. It will transform the landscape from an industrial resource to a resource for all - from a place of oil extraction to a place of sport, recreation, and leisure, as well as oil extraction. It has the potential to transform the territory from one which is peripheral to the civic life of the city to one which defines the city’s image to both citizens and the wider world.

Most importantly, it is a vision of a place for people – living, working and enjoying the proximity of city and nature.

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